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Often antenna placement using the USDS spherical dipole creates awkward test set-ups due to the spherical shape of the dipole antenna. This can result in the sphere rolling off a surface and damaging either the hemisphere's plating, the USDS ring, or the control switches. To provide the test team with a repeatable test set-up and prevent damage and unplanned maintenance, a dielectric mechanical interface is available for mounting the USDS spherical dipole to a standard tripod -20 threaded stud.

AET offers the USDS Tripod Yoke Assembly, AET P/N 90016, as a standard bundled kit to provide the dielectric mechanical interface for mounting and rotating the USDS spherical dipole to a standard tripod -20 stud. To enable the polarity of the USDS spherical dipole to be repeatedly changed, a dielectric mount is provided for simple ninety degree rotation.

Each part is made of cast TC-854 Urethane for durability and dielectric properties. The part number suffix -01 is used to order standard Black Urethane parts, while the -02 suffix is used for customers requiring replacements for their Red Urethane parts.

The Tripod Yoke Assembly Part Numbers are:
P/N 90016-01, Black
P/N 90016-02, Red

Tripod Yoke Assembly is made of three basic parts; the USDS Tripod Yoke Adapter, AET P/N 20080. If the polarity of the USDS spherical dipole requires repeated changes, a dielectric mount is offered to provide a ninety degree rotation, Dielectric Right Angle Tripod Mount, AET P/N 20079, which requires an adjustable Knob (McMaster-Carr PN 5993K12) to secure to the Yoke Adapter.

For replacement parts the individual Tripod Adapter Part Numbers are:

Dielectric Yoke Tripod Adapter:
P/N 20080-01, Black
P/N 20080-02, Red

Dielectric Right Angle Tripod Mount
P/N 20079-01, Black
P/N 20079-02, Red

Adjustable Knob, Black (McMaster-Carr PN 5993K12)














The bundled Tripod Yoke Assembly or individual parts may be purchased separately (Product and Price List)

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