Introduction to USDS

The USDS is ideal as a RF source for daily emission measurement equipment checks in any test laboratory. This battery powered comb generator source is able to be completely isolated from other objects, and produces a stable electric field. This product is especially unique, as it has a Low Frequency Pulsed RF output mode to provide assessment of laboratory equipment Quasi-Peak detector performance.

The USDS is a unique electromagnetically-isolated and broadband Electric field source with Quasi-Peak (QP) source functionality.

Ideal for:

  • Verification of RF Emission Measurements
    • Any RF Test Laboratory Site, or Complex RF Test Environment
  • Quasi-Peak Detector Verification
  • Verify Laboratory Turn-table Integrity
  • Radiating Spherical Dipole Frequency Ranges:
    • 10 MHz to 16 GHz, 10 MHz Frequency Steps
    • Selectable Fundamental Frequencies of 10 MHz, 64MHz, 100 MHz and 133 MHz
  • Low Frequency Pulsed RF for Quasi-peak Testing
  • Antenna Isolated Using Rechargeable Batteries
  • Minimum Output Levels greater than 35 dBuV/m
The USDS Provides
  • Broad CG RF Output Frequency Range
  • Quasi-Peak Detector Verification
  • Highly Uniform Radiation Pattern

Advanced Technology for Accurate Electromagnetic Measurements
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