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AET recommends customers perform an annual bench top test on all spherical dipole assemblies to ensure proper precision and performance. If the spherical dipole is used extensively and transported frequently, the bench top testing should be performed more frequently depending on the cycle of usage. Check with customer service for additional recommendations.

AET Spherical Dipole RF Characterization Cable Assembly,P/N 20060

•SMA(M)-N(M) with 18 GHz low-loss formable single shield coaxial cable; and a SMB(J)-SMA(F) RF adapter
•Typical Cable length is 2 feet long, P/N 20060-02
•Available in 1 foot increments, by changing x in the P/N;
•P/N 20060-0x (x = # of feet long)
Characterization Cable AET P/N 20060

Advanced Technology for Accurate Electromagnetic Measurements
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