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AET offers a bundled USDS Tripod Yoke Assembly as an easy means to purchase all the separate parts defined on the USDS Tripod Adapter page as one assembly. The USDS spherical dipole Tripod Yoke Assembly, AET P/N 90016, provides all the required parts in a standard bundled kit that provides the dielectric mechanical interface for mounting and rotating the USDS spherical dipole to a standard tripod -20 stud.


Each part is made of cast TC-854 Urethane for durability and dielectric properties. The part number suffix -01 is used to order standard Black Urethane assembly, while the -02 suffix is for customers requiring Red assembly.

The Tripod Yoke Assembly Part Numbers are:

  • P/N 90016-01, Black
  • P/N 90016-02, Red

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The bundled Tripod Yoke Adapter assembly may be purchased separately.

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