NEWLY UPDATED Precision Spherical Dipole Source (PSDS)
A unique electromagnetically-isolated RF Electric field source, originally developed by NIST as a real-world industry standard, is the most versatile, accurate, and repeatable E-field source commercially available on the market!

Highlights include:

✔Frequency range extended: 50 MHz to 4 GHz, 10 kHz increments using one spherical dipole antenna
✔RF signal is synthesized within spherical dipole antenna
✔Precise frequency and amplitude sweep control using PC GUI
✔Multiple ways to operate (sweep mode, single frequency mode and list mode)
✔Optional control of Rohde & Swartz spectrum analyzers
✔Computer monitoring/recording of dipole RF level output (Gap voltage)
✔Optical fiber and Li-Ion battery isolation allows repeatable test set-up

PSDS Block Diagram
  • E-field Is Accurate And Highly Repeatable (0.2 - 0.5 dB)
  • Vertical and Horizontal Polarizations Without Monopole GND
  • 15m Optical Fiber Length for PC Control Outside of Chamber
  • PC GUI for PSDS Set-up, Control, Monitoring and Recording
  • Smart Power Control and Lower-power Mode to Save Battery
  • Low-voltage Monitor and Under-voltage Audible/Visual Alarm
  • NEW Li-ion Design Provides More Energy for Longer Use

PC Monitor and Control Using GUI

Power Control and Battery Health Monitoring

Current AET PSDS Brochure

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