PSDS-II Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • RF signal is synthesized within spherical dipole antenna
  • Precise frequency and amplitude sweep control using PC GUI
  • Computer monitoring/recording of dipole RF level output (Gap voltage)
  • PC GUI for PSDS Set-up, Control, Monitoring and Recording


Single Frequency mode Allows users to set frequency and % RF power
Sweep Mode Allows users to run sweeps in either open loop or closed loop. Open Loop set a %RF power level and maintains it for all frequencies. Closed loop allows users to set a Gap Voltage and the %RF power is automatically adjusted to maintain the desired gap voltage. Users can select start/stop/step frequencies. The gap voltage is plotted during the sweep and may be saved to a csv file for further use.
List Mode Allows users to read a csv file with frequency and gap voltage pairs. Any number of pairs can be used. The PSDS-II will tune to each frequency in turn, and set the desired gap voltage. The next frequency and gap voltage can be either manually stepped, or automatically stepped after a select dwell time.
Spectrum Analyzer measurement (optional) Most Rhode and Schwarz spectrum analyzers can be controlled and SA measurements made as the frequencies in the list mode as selected in turn. Measurements can be saved to a csv file for later use. The spectrum analyzer is controlled by GPIB through the PSDS-II software.
Battery Monitor Mode This mode allows the user to check the battery voltage, current draw, and battery temperature. Low voltage alarms also sounds when the batteries get too low.
View Sweep Data in this mode, the user can recall previous sweeps, adjust the plotting scales as desired, etc.

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