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AET Recommends PSDS customers perform an annual bench top test on all PSDS spherical dipole assemblies to ensure proper precision and performance. If the product is used extensively and transported frequently, the bench top test should be performed more frequently depending on the cycle of usage.

There are two forms of calibration; radiated field calibration, and bench top calibration.

Radiated field calibration should only be performed at a very accurate site,the most accurate test site is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado. A bare minimum should be ACIL or A2LA accreditation. Although often the accreditation measurement sites have a much higher error/tolerance budget than the system itself but their measurement equipment is traceable to NIST.

Bench top testing can be performed using the special calibration test fixture, RF Calibration Assembly. This assembly consists of a calibration fixture and appropriate RF coaxial cables to interface it the spherical dipole unit and spectrum analyzer or power meter.

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