Optical Fiber Interface Cables

All interconnections between the sphere and control unit are via a duplex optical fiber cables. The use of the optical fiber cable is critical to this product's application. The non-conductive optical fiber establishes electrical isolation of the components, providing a reliable transmission medium, and reducing the variables and problems induced in hard-wired systems.

The PSDS external duplex fiber optic cable (P/N 20160-xx) is used for the uplink and downlink interfaces between the spherical dipole’s LC connector interface and a USB port on a  computer running the AET PSDS GUI software. A 15-meter long cable comes standard with the PSDS. Longer cable lengths are available as options and include 30m and 50m lengths. For other lengths, please contact AET. All cable lengths are +/- 0.5m.

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The PC Interface (PCI) “dongle’ assembly is used to interface with the external  fiber optic cable and standard USB cable.  The  RL duplex optical connector plugs into one end, and a standard 5-pin “micro-A” USB cable plugs into the other end.  The USB cable interfaces to a standard computer USB port to provide power and serial data communications to the PCI.

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